Grade 7 Application Requirements and Procedures for SY 2017-2018
Qualifications to take the Entrance Test for Grade 7 Applicants to the AJHS
1. The applicant must be a member of his school’s Grade 6 batch at the time of application.
2. He must have good grades and deportment.
3. He must not have applied for Grade 7 at the AJHS prior to this application.
Requirements and Procedures
1. Download the Admission Application form and the Personal Information Sheet from the Ateneo website (, select “Junior High School” from the dropdown menu under “Admissions”) and print all pages of the forms on size A4 bond paper. The student applicant must complete the forms in his own handwriting and submit the same together with the following requirements:

     a.      photocopy of the report card of the last completed school year (Grade 5, SY2015-2016)
     b.      photocopy of the 1st term report card for Grade 6 of the current school year (SY2016-2017)
     c.      HANDWRITTEN autobiography on size A4 bond paper
     d.      two recent I.D. pictures (1” x 1”) in COLOR
     e.      photocopy of Birth Certificate (NSO Copy)
                 ·    if applicant is NOT a Filipino citizen, submit a photocopy of your
                        o   Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR), and
                        o   a Special Study Permit issued by the Bureau of Immigration
                 ·    if applicant has DUAL citizenship, submit a photocopy of your Philippine Passport or a Certificate of Recognition As a Filipino Citizen
2. Pay the non-refundable amount of Php700.00 application and testing fee at the Ateneo Junior High School cashier. Cashier’s office hours are from 7:00AM to 3:00PM, Mondays to Fridays. For expatriates and Filipino applicants from foreign schools, an additional processing fee of US$25.00 will be charged.
3. Present your (a) official receipt, (b) fully accomplished Admission Application form, (c) Personal Information Sheet and (d) a complete set of requirements to the Ateneo High School Office of Admission and Aid on or before 12:00NN, 30 September 2016 (Friday). The student applicant will be provided his Entrance Test Permit upon submission of these requirements.
4. IMPORTANT: Incomplete application forms will not be processed.  If the report card for the 1st term for Grade 6 is not yet available by the deadline, the photocopy may be submitted as soon as the report card is issued.  All other documents, however, must be submitted on or before the deadline.
5. Applicants will be notified by mail of the decision on their application on or before 31 January 2017. Please update the office of any changes in your mailing address and contact numbers. Results will not be released over the telephone. Should you have further inquiries, please call the Ateneo High School Office of Admission and Aid at 4266001 local 6291 or 6292.
6. Accepted applicants have to inform the Ateneo Junior High School of their intention to pursue their application by submitting the Intent to Enroll form enclosed with the acceptance letter and paying the Confirmation Fee of Php10,000.00 within the period indicated so slots can be reserved for them. Non-submission of the form will be interpreted as a withdrawal of the application. The deadline for the submission of Intent to Enroll form and payment of the Confirmation Fee is on 17 February 2017 at 3:00PMPlease note that February 6, 2017 is a school holiday and all offices will be closed.