AJHS boys are champions of college debate

April 25, 2017

(L-R) David Africa, CJ Carlos, and Matthew Varona

AJHS debaters David Africa, CJ Carlos, and Matthew Varona- all from Pamplona/10-Mayer-  emerged as champions of the Extractive Industries Invitational Debate (EIID) last April 17, 2017. In addition, David Africa was also named Best Speaker of the Finals. The EIID was a college tournament in which Africa, Carlos, and Varona were the only high school debaters competing. Team AJHS was victorious against debaters from colleges such as San Beda, UA&P, and PUP.

The EIID was held at the UP Diliman School of Economics. The finals motion was, "This house believes that the economic strategy of nationalizing extractive industries has done more harm than good for developing countries,” with Team Ateneo on the Government side. Africa, Carlos, and Varona were coached at EIID by AHS alumnus Miguel Ventura, and are incoming grade 11 students at the Ateneo Senior High School.