"Ma'am, Sir...Present!"

March 14, 2019
Gabby Salvador, SAnggu-JHS Chairman

What does it mean to be present in someone’s life?
What does it mean to be a present in someone’s life?
How could someone’s presence be a present to another individual’s life?

The title of the AJHS Formators’ Day held last October 4, 2018 was, “Ma’am...Sir, Present!” It portrays, describes and emphasizes how teachers, custodians, security guards and cafeteria helpers are actual, living presents in the lives of students. These Formators, who are ever so present in each student’s everyday life, are not only blessings to the students, but serve as examples for them to be positive transforming differences in our society.
The Formators’ Day was a time to honor and show gratitude to our Formators. It was a day to celebrate all of the gifts that they have imparted to each of the students. Each individual Formator has given and equipped students with knowledge, joy, inspiration, trust, patience, guidance, time and friendship. They have not only been gifts to the students by their mere presence, but they also have bestowed important values and proper character to the students. Ultimately, these values and character that they have presented to each student would form them to be men-with-and-for-others and servant-leaders. This is why Formators are called Formators. They form each student to be compassionate, competent, Christ-centered, conscientious and committed young gentlemen. They mold each student to be a beacon of light in the darkness of this world. Formators- who are positive transforming differences in the world- would form students to also become positive transforming differences too. Teachers and administrators onstage during Formators' Day.

Essentially, the Formators’ Day in the High School Covered Courts mainly included the four cluster performances and the video montages of teachers, which aimed to show gratitude to the Formators. The cluster performances which entertained the Formators, the four montage videos which recognized all the names of the Formators, the two additional videos, which explained how Formators were gifts to the students, and the final act where the entire student body performed simple hand and arm gestures for the Formators, were all done to honor and praise them. Truly, that day in October 4, 2018 was a day of appreciation and recognition for all Formators.  Office staff enjoying their Formators' Day treat.