Team AJHS' 'Ginhawa' app wins 1st prize in I.T. Conference

April 27, 2017

A team of four Ateneo Junior High School (AJHS) students- Poch Barreiro, Matthew Varona, Linus Sison, and Johann Espino- won the Initialize I.T. Conference competition held by AdMU CompSAT last March 4, 2017. Teams were tasked to propose solutions to relevant social problems using Information Technology, and Team AJHS successfully pitched Ginhawa, a health app which would connect doctors and patients in a platform of interaction. The AJHS boys, who are all from the class of Pamplona/10-Mayer,  bested five other teams in the competition, including four college teams, and won the P5,000 cash prize.  
Johann Espino
(L-R) Poch Barreiro, Matthew Varona, Linus Sison