Ateneo places 3rd in NCR Passerelle tournament

October 05, 2016

Ateneo de Manila won the battle for 3rd place against San Beda in the 2016 Passerelle NCR basketball tournament. The final score was Ateneo-71, San Beda-60 in the game played at the Jacinto Tiu gym of Xavier School in San Juan City in the afternoon of October 2, 2016 (see video playing at the top of this page). In addition, Ateneo also won the Sportsmanship Award.  

The members of Ateneo’s Passerelle team are JC Fetalvero (10-San Vitores/Montserrat), Miguel Cabradilla (10-Jogues/ Montserrat), Matt Masindo (10-Pro/Pamplona), Sael Lim (10-Jogues/ Montserrat), Miguel Sahali (9-Gonzalez/Montserrat), Jynno Ladimo (9-Kisai/La Storta), Aaron Nuguid (9-Garnier/ Montserrat), Kai Sotto (8-Claver/Montserrat), Andrei Lechoncito (8-Favre/ Cardoner), Miggy Salvador (8-Denn/Pamplona), Sean Corral (8-Garate/Pamplona), Joaqui Riego de Dios (8-Garate/ Pamplona), Enzo Buenaseda (8-Evans/La Storta), Enzo Songco (8-Daniel/Montserrat), and Mickey Pile (8-Colombiere/Cardoner). They were coached by Ron Camara and PJ Navarro.