Opening Prayer at the 2019 Special Academic Convocation for the Conferment of Traditional University Awards, 10 September 2019, Hyundai Hall, Arete

September 12, 2019
Fr. Norberto Ma. L. Bautista, SJ

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019. 300 PM
Almighty God, Lord of Heaven and Earth,
We thank You for gathering us today as Friends-in-the-Lord.
It is You, our God, who binds us together – You who have called us to our common Mission as one community centered on Christ.
We celebrate today our friends, Your servants, who have shed Your Light upon us – men and women for others who have served you well. May their lives – their struggles and challenges, their triumphs and glories continue to inspire us as we try to do Your Most Holy Will.
As we pray to You now, give us the strength and the courage to commit ourselves to the Society’s Universal Apostolic Mission.
-to show the way to You through our personal and communal conversions through the Spiritual Exercises and Discernment of our beloved St. Ignatius of Loyola. Remind us always that the end and purpose of our lives is to give honor, praise, and glory to You. Rid of us of anything that pulls us away from You so that our choices and actions may reflect our true and authentic freedom. Open our hearts to heed your Call to labor with You in the Father’s Vineyard. Teach us “sensus Christi,” the sense of Christ that we may know Him more deeply, love Him more passionately, and follow Him more closely. Lead us to the Mystery of Your Son’s Cross without fear, the Cross that embraces suffering out of our love for You. In the Spirit of the Resurrection, teach us the Wisdom of Your Love – that love is about sharing, that love is about deeds (more than words) for others. Give us Your Spirit to find You in all things so that we may be assured of Your everlasting Presence in our hearts.
-teach us to walk with the excluded, to walk with the poor and the outcasts of the world, those whose dignity and rights have been violated in a mission of reconciliation and justice. Teach us that there is no Justice without Faith. Remind us that the mission of reconciliation requires of us the spirit of humility, contrition, and sorrow for our faults, and that the mission of justice is only completed by the power of love, and not of anger;  Teach us to know and love the poor because You are in the poor –  they who inherit Your Kingdom.

  • teach us to journey with the youth, to accompany them especially in their struggles in the creation of a hope-filled future. Teach us to teach them that HOPE in itself is a lived tension that generates creativity that heals and makes us whole again. It is our HOPE that our young (all of us) may know DEPTH – the depth of critical thinking based on truths; the depth of our relating based on Your Love; the depth of our acting based on discernment. But most of all, the depth of our intimacy with You, Almighty Father.


  • finally, teach us to care for our common Home; not only for ourselves but for our children, and for our children’s children. Teach us to be responsible to care for your Creation as Your co-stewards for You dwell in them, and You have made them sacred.

All these prayers we ask, O Lord, through the help of our Mother Mary, and all the saints and angels in Heaven.