Now celebrating its 50th volume, the Ateneo Law Journal (founded in 1951) began as a journal published bi-monthly representing the collaborative efforts of Ateneo student editors and staff members guided by faculty advisers. As time went by, the contents and issues evolved with the changing needs of the student body. During the early 1990s the Journal had to adapt to the most significant change in the Ateneo Law School curriculum – the introduction of the Juris Doctor degree. With this landmark, the Journal improved upon the school’s policy to take a proactive role in legal scholasticism by enriching the studentry’s capacity to produce texts of high academic value.

The Journal presented an opportunity for students to harness their legal writing and research skills beyond the demands of classroom routine. Discussions, analyses, and criticisms of various legal issues were the products of such fertile tradition. Thus, from scholarly articles and exposition penned by the country’s greatest and most respected legal minds, to notes and comments from passionate law students, the Ateneo Law Journal quarterly publishes thought-provoking and remarkable compositions. After over five decades, the Journal remains steadfast to original ideals it holds true and dear since it was established. As propesied by the foreword written 50 years ago “…it will soon be a coveted periodical solid, progressive, radical in the first meaning of that word, but above all, Catholic to the core.” Definitely, it has achieved a tremendous milestone that transcends the four walls of the school – concretizing Ateneo Law’s tradition of academic excellence. As affirmation of its excellence as a legal periodical, the Journal earned the recognition of being one of the best legal publications among different law schools in the Philippines. And, solidly behind every publication stood dedicated editors and staff members, who, armed with the discipline and training nurtured by the Journal, have since become legal luminaries of our time.

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