Welcome to the Ateneo Law School website!       
The Ateneo Law School envisions law graduates who are spiritually developed, academically competent and excellent, socially involved and culturally-rooted global citizens. 
In pursuit of academic competence and excellence, we have recently enhanced our J.D. curriculum with a Tracking Program, which allows students to choose electives that specialize in one of three tracks: Corporate and Business Law, Dispute Resolution, and International Law and Development.  With the launch of the enhanced curriculum, we have once again raised the bar of excellence in legal education in the country as we did 25 years ago when we were the first to shift from a Bachelor of Laws to a Juris Doctor program. We pursue this direction hand in hand with the strengthening of the core bar-oriented subjects for a more wholistic approach in the preparation of our students for both domestic and international law practice.  
The new August-May academic calendar places us in sync with the leading universities in North America, Europe, and Asia. This opens new opportunities for internationalization of our programs through linkages with international institutions and other law schools; joint research; dual graduate degree offerings; faculty and student exchange; and, academic discourses on global and cross-border issues. We have entered into academic partnerships with Kyushu University (Japan), Coventry University (UK), University of Hawaii (USA), Georgetown University (USA), and Malaga University (Spain).  
Our roster of faculty is an interesting mix of full-time and predominantly part-time professionals drawn from leading law firms, the courts, key public legal agencies, private corporations, and specialized non-governmental organizations with advocacies for marginalized sectors. A considerable number of the faculty are leading authors in the field of constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, labor law, tax law, commercial law, remedial law, and legal ethics. We have resident experts and leading practitioners in international human rights and humanitarian law; peace  process and conflict resolution; environmental law, natural resources and energy law; information technology; alternative dispute resolution; competition law; transnational law; media law; corporate governance; trade law and economic development; international financial law; public-private partnership; ASEAN regional system; UNCLOS; and other related streams which are offered to our students within their selected academic tracks and in the Master of Laws Program.  
We continue to initiate and support law reform initiatives and capacity-building of public, private, and non-governmental institutions through our research centers, namely, the Graduate Legal Studies Institute, Bernas Center for Continuing Legal Education and Research, Ateneo Center for International Economic Law, Teehankee Center for the Rule of Law,  Ateneo Human Rights Center, and Ateneo Law Journal. The Ateneo Legal Services Center engages our students through the extension of legal assistance to the poor and disadvantaged while the Ateneo Human Rights Center offers immersion programs to allow our students to experience the day-to-day realities of the marginalized sectors in order to better understand, promote, and protect their human rights.    
Even as our students grapple with the daily preparations for classes, the Law School has become the training ground for international debaters and mooters through the years. Each year we have sent excellent candidates to highly competitive moot court events covering specialized fields of law.  
As you navigate our website, I hope that it will give you a good snapshot of who we are, what we do, and why we exist.  I hope it will inspire you to join us in whatever capacity — as a student, a professor, an employee, a volunteer, or a partner institution.
Sedfrey M. Candelaria
Dean, Ateneo Law School