Part Time
Contact No.: 
Cellphone No.: +63 (02) (0917)833-2211
Tel. No.: +63 (02) 899-9058

Eclectic, wide and interesting; had a brief stint in the Philippine Senate under Sen. Sotero Laurel before joining two (2) law firms with general practice; worked with PAGCOR for 14 years before joining the family business, an ISO 17025-certified mineral assay and chemical testing laboratory.  Taught for 19 years at the undergraduate level. Has taught law subjects for more than 10 years in various law schools, including the Ateneo.
Areas of Specialization: 
  • Civil Law
  • Constitutional Law 2
  • LPO and Administrative Law
Courses Taught: 
  • Ateneo Law School:
    * CurrentlyAdministrative Law and the Law on Public Officers.
    * Previously, taught other minor law subjects in Constitutional Law (exc. PIL) together with Dean Candelaria.

  • Other law schools:
       * Civil Law Review 1 and 2
       * Torts and Damages
       * Obligations and Contracts
       * Sales Law
       * Credit Transactions
       * Statutory Construction

Masters in Business Administration, 1997, PLM; Bachelor of Laws, 1989, Ateneo De Manila; Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 1985, UP