Copyright and Related Rights 3 units
This copyright course emphasizes the various legislations on copyright and related rights and aims to provide the student with an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the general principles of copyright and related rights law. The course also introduces the international treaties on copyright and related rights, the role of WIPO and the WTO in the worldwide protection of copyright and related rights, as well as recent developments and trends in the area of international copyright and related rights.

Management and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights 3 units
This course is intended to introduce participants to the main principles and features of the key types of intellectual property rights. The focus is not on detailed legal rules but rather the broad principles and their implications for business strategies including brand management, drafting and negotiating IP contracts, such as, licensing and franchising, IP audit and valuation. The course also aims to provide the students with up-to-date knowledge of the general principles of enforcement of IP rights and dispute settlement mechanism focusing on the law in the Philippines and the TRIPs Agreement.

Patent Law, Industrial Design, Plant Variety Protection 3 units
This course provides an overview of patent law and the public policy underlying the patent system. It covers the history of the patent system and the issues that arise from obtaining and enforcing patent rights. The course also covers patent searching and drafting, as well as industrial designs and plant variety protection. Although the course deals with advanced technologies to some extent, no specific, technical or engineering background is required.

Trademark Law, Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets 3 units
The course, because of its breadth, is divided into to 3 parts: trademark law, unfair competition and trade secrets. The aim of the course is to introduce the student to the basic principles and current issues in international and national trademark law. This course also aims to provide the students with the key elements of unfair competition concerning Intellectual Property Rights. The course further aims to provide the students with in-depth and knowledge of the general principle of confidential information.