Memorandum on the Commencement Exercises 2014 Reminders

July 08, 2014
DATE:              07 JULY 2014
The 1st autonomous ASoG Commencement Exercises will be held on Saturday, 09 August 2014 at the Henry Lee Irwin, S.J. Theatre, Grade School, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.
The schedule of activities is detailed out in the succeeding page. May I request you to faithfully comply with it as punctual observance of time is particularly important.
Candidates for graduation shall attend the Graduation Briefing and claim the academic regalia on the scheduled dates below:
Date Activity
July 26Saturday
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
 SDC Auditorium
Graduation Briefing
Run through of the commencement flow
Practice singing of Song for Mary
Measurement of academic regalia
Payment of fees
Release of graduation kit
August 8Friday
3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
SDC Auditorium
(for Metro Manila based candidates)
Photoshoot for Yearbook Photo
Claiming of academic regalia
August 9Saturday
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
SDC Auditorium
(for Province based candidates)
Share of Graduation Expenses and Diploma
Pay your share of P2,000.00 for graduation expenses and diploma fee of P1,278.50 at the ASoG office during the graduation briefing.
Contribution for graduation expenses will cover graduation kit (program/invitation, Ateneo medallion, CD for Song for Mary) and reception. The diploma fee includes diploma, canister and the English translation.
Graduation Guests
Each graduate will be issued 3 tickets for their guests. Graduates who wish to invite more guests will be allowed to have 3 additional tickets at P300.00 each.
Academic Regalia (toga)
Rental of academic regalia is P700.00/set. A deposit of P1,500.00 is required and refundable upon its immediate return after the graduation ceremonies. This will be paid during the graduation briefing.
Graduates who will fail to return the academic regalia after graduation will be required to return it to Cattleya’s office at #80 Ipil St., Marikina Heights, Marikina City (Tel. No.: 941-2994). Also, a late return will be penalized P100.00 for every day of delay.
Graduation Attire
Male – long-sleeved barong or plain, light-colored polo shirt; dark trousers; black shoes
Female – light-colored, long sleeved dress; black-heeled shoes
Graduation Photo
Photo session of graduation picture may be availed from DWB Photography during the release of academic regalia on 08 to 09 August. The photo package cost is P800.00.
Photo package:
                        1 pc.    8" x 10" colored in Toga with cap
                        1 pc.    8" x 10" colored in Toga without cap
                        1 pc     5" x 7" same as without cap
                        1 pc     5" x 7" colored in Toga with cap
                        1 pcs    5" x 7" Casual or formal shot
                        5 pcs    5" x 7" pictures taken during the graduation exercises
NOTE:  If a student want to get extra copies of the picture,
                        for 8" x 10"      P100 per piece
                        for 5" x 7"        P  30 per piece
Description Cost
Share of graduation expenses
Diploma fee
English Translation
Academic Regalia c/o Cattleya
Rental of academic regalia
Deposit for academic regalia (refundable)*
Photo session during graduation and Yearbook photo shoot c/o DWB
ASoG Alumni and Students Association
Lifetime Membership
Yearbook (price estimate is P2000.00)
* A deposit of Php 1,000.00 is required and refundable upon its immediate return after graduation ceremonies. Otherwise, late return will be penalized Php 100.00 for every day of delay.

Note: You may purchase your own academic regalia at P4,500.00 for regular type or 7,500.00 for catrina type (special).
August 8, Friday
3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Photoshoot for Yearbook Photo
Claiming of academic regalia
*For Metro Manila based students
SDC Auditorium
August 9Saturday
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Photoshoot for Yearbook Photo
Claiming of academic regalia
*For Province based students
SDC Auditorium
2:45 PM
-          Candidates for Graduation
Singson Hall (Auditorium)
3:00 PM
Brief Practice – Ateneo Hymn
-          Candidates for Graduation
(To be led by 2 designated Candidates for Graduation)
Singson Hall (Auditorium)
3:15 PM
-          Guest Speaker, University School Officials, Faculty
Heritage Room, Ateneo Grade School
3:45 PM Processional Grade School Driveway into Irwin Theater
4:00 PM Baccalaureate Mass Irwin Theater
4:50 PM Assembly/Formation of Stage Party and Colors
Rear side, Right Orchestra
Irwin Theater
4:55 PM Processional of Stage Party and Colors  
5:00 PM Commencement Program  
6:30 PM Reception Grade School Cafeteria
6:30 PM Collection of Toga Singson Hall (Auditorium)
1.      Graduation Packet Distribution
Blue invitation (guest cards) and copies of printed program for candidates for graduation and guests can be obtained from the Ateneo School of Government office on July 26Saturday, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM.
2.      Attire of Candidates for Graduation
Male:         Long-sleeved barong or plain, light-colored polo shirt; dark trousers; black shoes
Female:     Light-colored, long-sleeved dress; black-heeled shoes
3.      Place of Assembly
Grade School Area – Singson Hall (Auditorium), Ateneo Grade School
Candidates for Graduation will assemble at the designated formation area prior to the Processional.
The Stage Party, other APS Administrators and Faculty will gather in the Heritage Room located near the inner driveway of the Ateneo Grade School.
4.      Groupings of Candidates for Graduation
The Candidates of for Graduation will be organized according to their academic programs and in alphabetical order within each program before proceeding to Irwin Theater.
The sequence of the groupings is as follows:
1st        AB Political Science – Master in Public Management
2nd       Master in Public Management – Standard Program
3rd        Master in Public Management – Health Governance (Health Gov)
4th        Master in Public Management – Local Governance (Local Gov)
5th        Master in Public Management – Technology-based Enterprise Development (TED)
5.      Return of Rented Toga
After the Recessional of the Commencement Exercises, rented togas should be returned to the staff of Cattleya’s at the designated collection point inside Singson Hall (Ateneo Grade School Auditorium.
1.      Attire of Guest


2.      Number of Guests
Each candidate for graduation will be issued 3 tickets for their guests (children are counted as 1 guest). Graduates who wish to bring more guests will be allowed to buy maximum of 3 additional tickets at P300.00 each.
3.      Seating
Guests will be seated in the following areas: (Point of Reference: Facing stage):
            Guest of Medalists      Right Orchestra
            Other Guest                 Center Orchestra
4.      Guests of Honor Medalists
The names of the Honor Medalists are shown at the back of the guests’ seats situated at the Right Orchestra. Guests who will escort the Gold and Silver Medalists as they will receive their medals from the University President will be issued yellow and silver ribbons, respectively to enable ushers/usherettes to identify them. The other guests of medalists are requested to remain in their seats. Ushers/usherettes will assist the medalist and their guests.
5.      Car Parking
Parking areas are available within the Theatre area and in the adjacent Parking 4, 5, 6, 7 and Grade School parking area (inner driveway) will be used by the University and School officials, the Guest Speaker and the APS Faculty.
6.      Entry into the Ateneo de Manila University – Loyola Heights Campus
The Ateneo de Manila University is implementing certain rules and regulations related to entry into the Loyola campus. The graduation organizers have coordinated entry of vehicles on August 9. The following will be observed:
a.      Vehicles of APS administrators, faculty, staff and candidates for graduation (with guests) with APS-Rockwell stickers (SY 2014-2015 or 2013-2014) will be allowed to enter the campus.
b.      Other vehicles without the aforementioned APS-Rockwell stickers will be issued blue Guest Car Pass (c/o graduates). The pass should be displayed on the dashboard (driver’s side) upon entry into ADMU campus and throughout the event.
7.      Picture-Taking by Guests
Only the official photographers of the School (DWB Multimedia) are allowed to take pictures during the ceremonies. Guests are requested to refrain from leaving the seats to take pictures. There will be ample time for picture-taking after the ceremonies.
8.      Entry and reentry of Guests into Irwin Theater
Guests will enter the Theatre through the two center doors. They should present their Guests Cards (blue color) to the ushers/usherettes assigned at these entry points. Should guests need to go out of the Theatre momentarily, they will use the right and left doors. Ushers/usherettes assigned at the exit doors will issue pink reentry stubs. Upon reentry, guests will use the center doors and return the pink stubs to the ushers/usherettes.
The following color coding has been established for other guest cards:
                  Yellow       –          for guests of gold medalists
                  White        –          for guests of silver medalists
                  Blue          –          for guests of graduates
                  Cream                for ASoG guests (school officials, faculty, partners, etc .)