Certificate in Competency-based Human Resource Management

This four-day course is aimed at developing the HR practitioner's competencies in translating business strategies into organizational capabilities and ensuring that these become sound HR practices. The emphasis of the course is on equipping the HR practitioner with a basic grounding in the various functions of a business enterprise with the end in view of aligning HR strategy with the broader corporate strategy. As such, the course is applications-oriented and is focused on translating what is learned in class to real-life corporate situations

This four-day program is designed to develop the HR practitioner's skills in identifying and defining competencies, and utilizing these as foundations for developing competency-based HR programs and systems

Module I: Competency-Based HRM
This introductory module orients participants on the use of competencies in human resources management which covers the process of identification and definition of core and functional competencies and leveling of competencies. How to use the different approaches to identifying core competencies will also be explored by the participants.

Module II: Competency-Based Selection
This module focuses on how the participants can assess competencies with the use of competency-based interviews and assessment centers for the selection of job applicants/candidates.

Module III: Competency-Based Performance and Management Systems
This module presents to the participants how competencies are linked to performance management and the different approaches to using competencies in the performance management system

Module IV: Competency-Based Training & Development
This module involves the participants in developing competency-based training and development plans. Moreover, participants will learn how to anchor career development plans on competencies

Module V: Competency-Based Rewards
This module presents to the participants how competencies are linked to compensation and rewards.

Module VI: Developing Competency-Driven Cultures
This final module wraps up the program with a description of the characteristics of a competency-driven culture and how this is formed. To better manage the new culture, the participants will be guided in identifying the barriers and drivers to building a competency-based culture.

Dates Available: 
23 100.00