Certificate Course in Enabling Employee Psychological Well-being and Resilience

This course enables the participants on how to create a mentally-healthy workplace. The course walks the participants in different occupational stress and their causes, organizational and personal stress management strategies, as well as the basic skills needed when dealing with work related mental health disorders, stress and disasters. The course is carried through lectures, discussions and structured learning exercises.
Workshop Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify possible stressors among employees
  2. Determine organizational strategies to create a mentally-health workplace
  3. Describe stress management strategies
  4. Describe common mental health disorders, their warning signs and referral protocols
  5. Display skills in psychological first aid
  6. Facilitate a resilience intervention for crisis or disasters
  7. Describe ways to help employees dealing with grief
  8. Describe ways to avoid compassion fatigue and care for themselves


I. Dealing with Occupational Stress

  1. Occupational stress and their causes
  2. Organizational Strategies to Enable Psychological Wellbeing
  3. Personal Stress Management Strategies
  4. Basic Helping Skills in Helping Employees Deal with Work Stress

II. Helping employees in Emergencies/Crisis

  1. Psychological First Aid
  2. Resilience Interventions / Katatagan Modules
  3. Managing Employee Transitions (Reassignments, Retirement, Redundancy, Death of co-employee & Grief)
  4. Mental Health Disorders (Anxiety, Depression): Symptoms and Referral Protocols

III. Caring for Care-givers

IV. Building a Culture of Wellbeing

  1. Re-entry Planning: Workplace Mental Health
Dates Available: 
23 100.00