Coaching and Working Across Generations

Research suggests that there are 5 generations present and working alongside each other in the workplace today. Each generation would have a different set of needs, expectations, and values which can cause conflicts within the organization. Coaching, therefore, should now take into consideration generational differences in empowering employees to become more effective in the workplace both in performance and in the way they relate with each other.  
This three-day workshop aims to provide managers with knowledge and essential skills to conduct an effective coaching session with employees coming from the various generations present in the workplace today. 
At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
1.     Understand contextual factors affecting generational needs and values of each generation
2.     Display skills in coaching using the CORD 6A Model
3.     Know and apply essential coaching skills when coaching across generations

Topic Outline
·       Coaching
        o   Understanding coaching
        o   Differentiating coaching to counseling to mentoring
        o   Principles of Coaching
·       Essential Skills in Coaching
        o   Asking powerful questions
        o   Listening Skills
        o   Attending Skills
·       Coaching Frameworks
        o   GROW Model
        o   CORD 6A Coaching Model
·       Generations
        o   Understanding the 5 Generations in the Workplace today
             §  Traditionalists
             §  Baby Boomers
             §  Generation X
             §  Generation Y/Millennials
             §  Generation Z
       o   Managing generations 
       o   Coaching issues/needs of each generation

Dates Available: 
18 150.00