#10 OD Trends & Practices

This study examined the practice of Organization Development in the Philippines, the profile of an OD practitioner and the factors contributing to the success of OD practice. The results reveal the presence of various organizational concerns in Philippine organizations such as productivity, leadership, development, efficiency, capability building, and employee retention that are drivers of OD practice in the Philippines. The study also shows that OD practitioners are familiar with the different phases of OD practice namely: entry, contracting, diagnosis, feedback, planning change, intervention and evaluation. Results reveal that the strengths of OD practitioners are in terms of interpersonal competence which includes integrity/professional ethic, presentation skills, oral communication, interpersonal skills with clients, personal clarity and flexibility. Suggestions to ensure success in the practice of OD in the Philippines include: clarifying accountability for OD, reinforcing OD capability of top management, building the capability of OD practitioners and strengthening the evaluation of OD.