#12 Career Development in Philippine Organizations

This study explored the presence of career development practices in local organizations. It also looked at the challenges and impact of career development interventions to employees’ perception of career-related support, career satisfaction and organizational commitment. Eighty (81) respondents participated in the study representing 45 organizations.

Results show that career development systems do exist in local organizations and more than a third of the respondents said that their systems have been in existence for more than 6 years. The most used career development interventions, on the other hand, were development programs, which includes training and development efforts, and organizational potential assessment processes, which include psychological testing, assessment centers, and job assignments.

Nevertheless, respondents report that their career development systems were only “somewhat effective.” Perhaps this is because respondents think that there are still areas to be improved on such as ensuring that the system addresses career needs rather than personal enhancement, strengthening the ownership of the system by managers and supervisors, and clarifying what the system is supposed to achieve.

In terms of the impact of career development interventions, development programs and the presence of tools and activities that assess the fit of employees for higher positions were found to enhance employees’ career satisfaction and attachment to the organization. Thus, it seems that although career development is fairly new in local organizations, its successful implementation has potential benefits for both employees and the organization.