#17 Technology in the Workplace

A.) Monitoring Employee Use of Internet Facilities in Philippines Organizations

The research conducted surveys for 112 organizations that vary in size and nature to address the concerns on restricting and monitoring the use of Internet facilities as well as potential disciplinary actions for its misuse. Results show that majority of the organizations do provide Internet access for its employees but only less than half of them have clear, written policies for the use of such facilities. Due to the availability of resources, larger organizations are more likely to restrict and monitor access to certain sites and implement such policies than small organizations. It is also mentioned that aside from the fear of acquiring viruses that may damage the system, the second highest reason for restricting Internet access to certain sites is largely due to excessive chatting. There have been formal reprimands and dismissals in extreme cases, and in order to minimize risk and maximize compliance, organizations should provide written policies, formal training, and proper management on Internet use.

B.) Internet in the Workplace: Employees’ Perspective

As more companies provide Internet access, the number of hours spent using the Internet also increases for the employees. Through surveying 1,033 employees from 86 companies, this research provides insights as to how employees use the Internet and how this affects their lives. Results indicate that there is an increase in the use of Internet in the workplace and six out of the top ten activities done in the office are in fact non-work related. Even when the employees are aware that the company monitors their online activities, they find it “alright” to use the Internet for non-work related reasons. Employees claim that with the increasing use of Internet, they have become more productive but at the same time, it contributes to work-family conflict.. To ensure more productivity at the workplace, companies should clearly communicate policies, improve monitoring processes, educate the employees on ethical Internet use, and train them on effective time management.