Ateneo works towards a 'bully-free' environment

January 11, 2013

  The Ateneo de Manila Grade School stands up against the most pressing issue kids today face—bullying. Bullying is everywhere. It can happen at home, in school, in a local transportation, and even online. Bullies lurk in places you don’t suspect and even among people you don’t know. It’s a common scenario with kids but it also happens among adults.

Thus the Ateneo de Manila Grade School’s (AGS) is promoting the “I AM FOR PEACE” campaign which espouses the idea of peace and how the school is working towards maintaining a peaceful and bully-free environment.

“It is hoped that by adopting this slogan, it will become clearer to us that the journey towards peace starts ultimately with the self,” Assistant Headmaster for Student Affairs Jervy Robles said.

 During its launch last year, the campaign gave away mini booklets to each student to encourage them to observe different values through the Pay It Forward Day, Compliments Day, Apology Day, and Thank You Day.

The Thank You Day encourages students to reach out to people in their lives who made a difference, regardless if it’s big or small. “By saying these two words, you can change someone’s life forever.  They may not be as precious as diamonds to everyone, but to me, they’re priceless,” said Trey Antonio of 7-Claver.

 The Pay It Forward Day believes that by paying a good deed forward, a positive difference is made to the lives of other people. Even the small deed of cheering up a sick friend or helping someone in his homework will surely go a long way. “Instead of helping one person and getting something, you can start an endless cycle of goodness by simply doing a single deed,” said Zedrik Dizon of 7-Claver.

 The Apology Day encourages students to make an effort to say sorry to whatever wrong they may have done. The students can express their apologies in creative ways like having the pet deliver a sorry letter or sending a cake together with a sorry note.  “So basically, to forgive is to forget all the hardship, a new beginning for both you and your bully, but most of all it is an opportunity to make new friend,” said Brian Cutaran of 7-Bellarmine.

The Compliments Day sees that by giving compliments to other people, we, too, feel good about ourselves. “Give compliments, and give them often.  Even the hardest hearts can melt to something with the warmth of love everlasting,” said Carlos Tiu of 7-Gonzaga.

The I AM FOR PEACE Campaign is a whole-year campaign of the AGS. Next school year, an Anti-Bullying Policy will be implemented to stop the cases of bullying.

“In line with this, I have instructed the GLCs to discuss with their respective levels, the initial draft of the AGS Anti-Bullying Policy in their GL meeting during the week of November 5-9. Feedback from the different sectors will be of great value as we try to finalize this document for the coming new school year,” Robles said.