AHS Debaters Are Rotary National Debate Champions

Rotary National Debate Championship 2016

Grand Finals and Awarding

Quezon City Science HS

31 January 2016

Aff: AHS A (Hans Gonzalez, Luigi Alcaneses, and Renz Reyes)

Neg: SR A (Teddy Peralta, Gerard Kawada, and Jake Consing)

Chair: Dizon (DLSU)

Panel: Reichert (UPLB), Medina (UPLB), Flaminiano (ADMU), Songsong (SBC)

Motion: THBT the Philippines should drop the arbitration case against China and pursue cooperation in the West Philippine Sea with them instead.

The Best Speaker of the Finals is the GW, Renz Reyes (AHS A)

Decision: On a 5-0 unanimous decision, AHS A (Aff) def. SR A (Neg)