Other Details

Management Courses

· Fundamentals of Accounting
· Entrepreneurial Finance
· Essentials of Philippine Business Law
· Principles of Marketing
· Business Statistics
· Special Topics in  Production and Operations     Management: Service Management
· Philippine Business and Economic Environment
· Organizational Behavior
· Strategic Management
· Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

I.T. Courses

· Introduction to Computing I
· Introduction to Computing II
· Database Systems Implementation
· Five (5) I.T. Track courses (see overleaf for   details)

Entrepreneurship Courses

· An Introduction to Technology                 Entrepreneurship, Lecture and Laboratory
· Technology Venture Planning
· Technology Venture Laboratory I
· Technology Venture Start-up I and II
· Technology Venture Implementation I and II

I.T. Specialization
Students are given the opportunity to develop either games or applications as their platform  for their new business.  Their specializations are   developed by taking any five (5) of the following courses:
Games Development

· Human Computer Interaction
· Introduction to Games Programming
· Graphics Programming
· Introduction to Flash programming
· 3D Modeling
· Computer Aided Instruction
· Object Oriented Programming for Mobile     Devices
· Programming for Embedded Devices

Application Development 

· Introduction to Software Engineering
· Web Programming in PHP
· Enterprise Systems Programming
· .NET Programming
· Service Oriented Architecture
· IT and the E-Commerce law
· IT Trends in the Corporate World