26th ACELT Bi-annual Conference


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Date: 2011-07-25

26th ACELT Bi-Annual Conference
Writing Creatively: The English Teacher as Writer
03 February 2001


What goes into the writing of a poem, an essay, a short story? Who better to ask than the writers themselves? And what better way to find out than to dabble in a little creative writing?

This conference aims to put English teachers behind the writing student’s desk where they can get a taste of the imaginative and creative processes that go into the writing of a poem or a short story.

They will learn firsthand about the discipline and sensitivity called for in the field of non-academic writing straight from the writers themselves – both accomplished and upcoming writers in the field of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.

This hands-on experience of writing creatively hopes to leave English teachers with valuable insights into the creative uses of language in both literary and non-literary texts and reflections on how better to explore such texts with their own students in their classrooms.


7:30     Registration
8:30     Opening Remarks: Keynote Address – Krip Yuson
9:00     Meet the Writers:  Krip Yuson, Doreen Fernandez, Benilda Santos, Rofel Brion, D.M. Reyes
10:00    Break
10:30    Meet the Writers:  Susan Evangelista, Cyan Abad, Gad Lim, Lem de la Cruz, Carolyn Pile Natividad
Open Forum

12:00    Lunch
1:00     Workshops
            A – Poetry: Rofel Brion & Lem de la Cruz
            B – Poetry: Benilda Santos & D.M. Reyes
            C – Fiction: Susan Evangelista & Carolyn Pile
            D – Fiction: Gad Lim & Cyan Abad
3:00     Break
3:30     Workshop Resumes
4:30     Closing Presentations
Distribution of Certificate