51st ACELT Conference


Why read literature in a world that makes it all too easy to imagine what can be? Media, in all its powerful and impressionable forms, shape our levels of imagination today. What a sad world to live in without the pleasure and purpose of reading literature. Do our students understand the unfortunate implications of a life without the inspiration of these creative works? How do we bring our students to a more grounded understanding and appreciation of literature amidst their contexts and interests? What can the reading of literature offer to the student of the 21st century in the revised K-12 curriculum and beyond?
This conference workshop aims to provide teachers with appropriate sets of framework for reading and teaching literature in the K to 12 classroom.  It will also guide the teacher into creating lessons that will allow students to see the relevance of reading literature even in extracurricular activities. At the end of the conference, teachers may see the value of reading literature in creating a more vibrant and humane world.