School of Humanities | Proceed with Passion

The School of Humanities is a home for the passionate and a laboratory of passions.  If you have that strong desire for the arts, literature, languages, spirituality, or life in general, the School of Humanities is perfect for you to transform the immensity of your desires to great creations for the world.  "Proceed with Passion" are your magic words to get in the School of Humanities.  Only those who are passionate about their desires and dreams, those who are passionate about practising and honing their crafts, those who are passionate about learning, can maximize and enjoy the training and formation the School of Humanities offers.

Though "Proceed with Passion" sounds eerily close to "Proceed with Caution,"  "Proceed with Passion" is more encouraging than cautionary.  The differences in the words "caution" and "passion" already highlight the difference. Caution holds back, passion encourages. Caution says - if you think you can, then go. Passion says - come right in, because you know you've always had it.

Proceed with passsion.