SOH Column on Social Issues

21 January 2022 A Friend Told Me Not to Post My Political Opnions Online by Edwin B. Odulio
1 December 2021  Confessions & Reflections of a Once Deactivated Voter by Marnie D. Racaza
1 November 2021 Spaces for the Social and the Political in Beauty Pageants by Dr. Stephanie Ann Y. Puen
1 October 2021 How Safe should the Ateneo de Manila Be? by Luis Carmelo M. Julian, M.A.
13 September 2021 Examen Patungkol sa Traditiones Custodes ni Aaron C. Reyes
28 July 2021 COVID-19 Vaccines: How Choosy Can We Be? by Anatoly Angelo R. Aseneta, Ph.D.
19 July 2021 Dancing to the BTS beat and what the Church can Learn from it by Lesley Anne A. Rosal
1 June 2021  On an Empty Stomach: A Reflection on John 6:44–51 by Johanne Arceo
27 May 2021 Primum Non Nocere: The Curious Case of Ivermectin by John Lemuel L. Lenon
27 April 2021

Dalawang Pagninilay sa Kaalaman at Kamangmangan ni Noel L. Clemente

15 March 2021 Shall We Return to School by Jose Eos Trinidad
30 September 2020  Tayo'y Maging Kapwa-Likha ni Kenneth Isaiah Ibasco Abante
27 August 2020  Things We Could Have Learned from the Pandemic by Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez
22 August 2020 The Balancing Act by Veniz Maja V. Guzman
3 July 2020 Canonical Considerations for Public Worship in the Time of Covid-19 by Joseph B. Johnson 
25 June 2020  Reflections on COVID-19, a Death in the Family, and Language Policy by Priscilla Angela T. Cruz, PhD.
21 May 2020 Sumpa ni Yolando Jr. B. Jamendang
18 May 2020 Bilang Bilang Bilang ni Harvey James G. Castillo
20 April 2020 Thinking about Arts and Culture in the Time of COVID-19 by Laura Cabochan
28 March 2020 Reimagining Education in Light of COVID-19 by Skilty Labastilla
9 January 2020  That's How the Light Comes in by Von Katindoy
16 December 2019  Hindi Lang Pula or Puti ni John Paul A. Bolano 
14 October 2019  Pagkapatid sa Dahas ng Kapatiran ni Andrea Anne I. Trinidad 
10 October 2019 Si Greta, si KatKat, at and Bayan by Aaron Philip M. Dela Cruz
19 September 2019 Bowl of Contention: Gender Discrimination and the Right to Pee by Karl Castro
6 August 2019  Changing Habits and Mindsets: The Challenge of Ecological Education by Dr. Nikki B. Carsi Cruz
23 July 2019  Teaching to Empower: An Interview with Heide Aquino by Rachel Joyce Marie O.Sanchez
26 May 2019  What Comes to Mind when Every Summer is a Record Breaker by Agustin Martin G. Rodriquez
8 May 2019 Pulitika at Pananampalataya ni Ruben C. Mendoza
12 Apr 2019 Sa Pamumulitika ng Telebisyon by Louie Jon A. Sanchez
11 Mar 2019 Lista by Christoffer Mitch C. Cerda
7 Mar 2019 Bata't Mga Panahon by Christian Jil R. Benitez
11 Feb 2019 What Storytelling Gives Us by Anna Cabe
11 Jan 2019 Now the work of Christmas begins by Marita Concepcion Castro Guevara
17 Dec 2018 Ang Kalayaan, ang Pagpili, at ang Kalooban ng Diyos by Ruben C. Mendoza
12 Dec 2018 Dar sin contar el costo: Heide Aquino, a woman for others by Rachel Joyce Maria O. Sanchez, PhD
2 Oct 2018 Methods Matter by Ma. Maricel S. Ibita, Ph.D., SThD
5 Nov 2018 Ang Wika sa Panahon ng Patayan by Remmon E. Barbaza, PhD