1998 Thesis Projects


Thesis Titles Student's Name Adviser

68000 System Development Kit

Michael Maiquez, Jan Tan

Engr. Rosula Reyes

Develpoment of a Telephone Caller ID Interface Module with Dialer

Emmanuel Caintic, Rael Limbitco

Mr. Carlos Oppus

Development of a Digital Seismograph

Sherwin Ang, Mary Joy Coner

Mr. Carlos Oppus

Magnetically Levitating a Metal Globe by Digital Signal Processing

Paolo Aranjuez, Joel Martin

Mr. Carlos Oppus

A Microcontroller based Millisecond Timer and Acceleromter

Francia Avila, Kathrina Pompa

Mr. Ivan Culaba

Programmable Sineware Generator

Jimmy Tadeo Carlos, Bernard Chiw

Mr. Carlos Oppus

Rapid Settling Tube Data Analyzer

Sheila Aquino, Curysnan Borras

Mr. Carlos Oppus