Disaster and Environmental Monitoring Research

Researchers: Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Dr. Nataniel Libatique, Dr. Fabian Dayrit, Teresita Perez, Rene Claveria, Abigail Favis, Dr. Janice Ragaza, Dr. Gemma Narisma, Angeli Silang, Sherdon Uy, J. Dado, F. Cruz, Ramon Macaraig, Lea Macaraig, Ma. Leonora Guico, Michael Syson, Maricris Marimond, Guillaume Girardot, Rollyn Labuguen, Edsel Volante, Albert Causo, Gilbert Peren, Marco Trono, Dan Baluyot, Tom Keith Cordero, Frank Geronimo, Paulo Parrenas

Wave Monitoring - Marine Black Box

AIC started four years ago research into wave monitoring using low cost accelerometers with Bluetooth remote communications.  Initial research led to the design of buoys and on board wave monitors and laboratory simulation and actual deployment in Davao.

Today the Wave Monitoring Research team has deployed a new generation of Black Box Recorder for Safe Tourism in El Nido, Palawan. The system components today have become an Android phone that provides the sensor system (accelerometer and gyro) and the radio and processor. New software is being developed to measure wave motion and understand the correlation of weather conditions, wave motion and safe boating.

The allocation of IMU’s on boats will allow the attaining of rich data.  It furthers the data captured from Buoys, as in the thesis of Marimon, by positioning the IMU’s in more vital locations such as shipping, tourist, and ferry boat routes.  This allows the captain of a boat to see if the desired route is safe enough to travel according to the boat that has travelled earlier.  This also allows the study of common sea conditions in the said routes.

Sea travel is a big part of Philippine, and other countries', tourism and livelihood.  With fishing as one of the primary industries in the Philippines, and with more than 7000 islands, there are a countless amount of small to large bangkas and a number of large ferry boats available to the public.  With more than 4 million visitors in 2012 alone, and a huge number of local tourists, safety and comfort become a high priority in sea travel.  This research aims to develop an affordable black box recorder that monitors sea conditions and makes important data available for study for the safety of our fisherman and also the safety of all tourists and travelers.