Smart Solar Systems Research

Researchers: Dr. Gregory Tangonan, Dr. Fabian Dayrit, Dr. Teresita Perez, Dr. Nathaniel Libatique, Dr. Lea Macaraig Cesar Pineda, Paul Cabacungan, Salvador Granada Jr., Dominic Solpico, Remedios G. Ado, Jonas Fabriag, Celine Toledo, Michelle Tabirao, Rosiliza Rioja, Kevin Brin, Geraldine Guzon, Alfred Juen, Aldren alangcao, Von Bagulbagul, Dessa Bulfa, Sarah Clavio


Five years ago Ateneo initiated Smart Solar Systems Research  into the off grid applications of renewable energy for cost effective clean water systems, LED lighting, waste management and disaster resilience. Early on research in Smart Solar Systems was coupled with actual deployments on off grid communities like El Nido, where rain harvesting and water cleaning attacked a critical need. These 50 to 100 Watt solar systems have a payback period of  one year, in areas where a liter of clean water is very high.

In recent years new systems have been designed and deployed including solar aerators for aquaculture, communication  systems for remote barangays and aquaponics. A major theme for Smart Solar Research is Disaster Resilience whereby assets like clean water, lighting, battery charging,  and radio communications are propositioned ahead of disasters.

To transition the technology to NGOs. LGUs and  civic organizations like Gawad Kalinga with low cost, an AIC social entrepreneurship spinoff called SOLAR RAIN handles system deployment.




Clean Water System Block Diagram


 Ecoville, Cagayan de Oro Resettlement Area Installations - Installed by Paul Cabacungan

Gravity-fed Clean Water System - Installed by Paul Cabacungan


Mobile Water Cleaning Station - Installed by Paul Cabacungan


Installed Solar Communication Systems in Enrile Cagayan - UN WFP Project with AIC (Installed by Paul Cabacungan)


Block Diagram

Solar-powered Liquid Waste Treatment - Installed by Jun Granada


Solar-powered Aquaponics - Installed by Paul Cabacungan


Solar-powered Aerator System - Installed by Paul Cabacungan


SolaRain is formed to facilitate the deployment through social entrepreneurship.

Owner: Paul Cabacungan
Field Manager: Reymond Cao



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