BS Life Sciences is a 4-year undergraduate honors program that provides more specialized training in the biological sciences. Majors choose from among Specializations, namely: 1) Biomedical Science, 2) Ecology and Systematics, 3) Microbiology, and 4) Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. These being the research areas of the Department, the majors are given rigorous training through innovative lecture and laboratory courses and through the undergraduate Thesis. The Junior Term Abroad (JTA) Program is also now available to BS Life Sciences majors, with affiliates in Asia, America, and Europe prepared to accommodate the students in their laboratories. The specialization of the BS Life Sciences majors allows them to excel in particular biological fields and prepares them for careers in these disciplines. The program produces the best researchers, practitioners, and educators with interests in medicine, biodiversity and conservation, microbiology, and molecular biology.