BS Life Sciences Program

B.S. Life Sciences is a 4-year undergraduate honors program that provides an exciting, dynamic, and highly interdisciplinary approach to the life sciences. Majors are trained rigorously in fundamental biology courses while also taking essential courses in external disciplines depending on which of two Tracks they pursue. Those who pursue the Communication Track take courses in communication and the creative arts, giving them the necessary tools for effective engagement of the public in biological discussions across multimedia platforms. Those who pursue the Management Track take courses in management, leadership, and entrepreneurship to train them in managing operations and resources related to the biological sciences. The Communication Track prepares students for careers in the academe, journalism, research, advocacy work, and multimedia platforms, where they are expected to enhance the reach and significance of biological knowledge among the general public. The Management Track prepares students for managerial positions in biotechnology, biological resources management, and the pharmaceutical industry, among others.