5-year BS Computer Science / MS Computer Science

The programs combine our existing undergraduate programs (BS Computer Science and BS Management Information Systems) with our graduate program (MS Computer Science). No revisions in either curriculum have been made and there are no credit overlaps between two degrees. The undergraduate degree will be awarded at the end of the student’s fourth year, while the graduate degree will be awarded at the end of the fifth year. In essence, the undergraduate students under the BS-MS program will take graduate courses during their senior year, so that a student can realistically complete his/her master’s degree after an additional one year and two summers. Some rearrangements have been made on the scheduling of courses during the fourth year to accommodate graduate courses, in particular.

The BSCS-MSCS and BSMIS-MSCS five year programs would be beneficial for the students who originally wished to pursue their Masters of Science in Computer Science degree after finishing their Bachelor’s degree. The 5-year programs provide students with the opportunity to earn their Master of Science degree in 5 years along with their respective Bachelor’s degree in either Computer Science or Management Information Systems. In contrast, enrolling in the graduate program after their respective 4-year college courses would allow them to finish their MSCS in approximately 6-7 years from their college freshman year. The 5-year program significantly cuts down the number of years for them to obtain the MS degree in Computer Science.

5-year BS Computer Science / MS Computer Science  [PDF]