Weekly Problems

Notice: PEM Weekly Problems 2016 has successfully concluded. Further submissions will no longer be acknowledged.

The PEM Weekly Problems aims to challenge and enrich high school students' creativity and critical thinking skills by exposing them to non-routine math problems and puzzles. While the problem sets are primarily intended for PEM participants, everyone is encouraged to submit their solutions to us. We acknowledge on the page everyone who submits correct answers. Moreover, PEM participants who solve the most number of problems will be recognized and awarded during the PEM closing ceremony.

Problem sets will be posted on Saturdays when PEM is held. For this year, these are

PEM Weekly Problems 2016 has officially ended:
Submitting Solutions
  1. Typeset and handwritten solutions are welcome. For handwritten solutions, please scan or take a clear photo of your paper.
  2. Indicate in your submission your name, school or affiliation, and year level.
  3. Send your solution to ateneo.tuklas@gmail.com on or before the deadline.

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