Article 1: Definition

Asia-Phil is a non-stock, non-profit association of educational institutions and organizations of similar nature whose faculty, student body, and other professional members are engaged in Asian studies or are interested in Asia and Asia-related affairs.


Article II: Vision/Mission

Section 1. Asia-Phil is a mutual help association that envisions an intellectually and scholarly connected ASEAN + THREE through activities supported by its own funds. Born on April 13, 2010, at the time of the global financial crisis which gave birth to expectations that Asia would show the way out of the crisis,  Asia-Phil envisions an organization of institutions that can complement the existing, old-time funding institutions in promoting mutual understanding and facilitating exchange of knowledge among ASEAN + THREE countries.

Section 2. Asia-Phil aims to promote mutual help, increase member institutions' visibility in the international intellectual community, and strengthen ties of the institutions with other institutions abroad. In more specific terms, Asia-Phil aims

a.  to give financial support to Filipinos who do research on countries in East Asia.

b.  to organize conferences and similar events in any of the ASEAN + THREE countries, and invite scholars to present papers. Asia-Phil, through funds collected from the member institutions, may subsidize the expenses of the paper presenters;

c. to publish high quality works on Asia and make the publication available to member institutions and scholars who are affiliated with the member institutions.


Article III: Membership and Members' Privileges

Section 1. Institutional membership in Asia-Phil is by invitation as well as voluntary application. High schools, research institutions, colleges and universities, as well as departmental units (or their equivalents) of colleges and universities constitute the core membership. The invitation/application becomes official upon payment of the membership fee.

Section 2. Individual membership is also by invitation or application and either becomes official upon payment of the individual membership fee.

Section 3. Individual members and representatives of the institutional members shall consist the general assembly, when called to a meeting.

Section 4. A member institution in good standing shall be entitled to send  participants to Asia-Phil conferences free of charge. The number of participants shall be determined by the Board of Directors. An institution is in good standing if it has paid its annual dues.

Section 5. An individual member may enjoy discounted conference fees.

Section 6. An individual member or a person affiliated with an institutional member may apply to Asia-Phil for financial support for his/her research on East Asian countries.

Section 7. Member institutions shall be entitled to free copies of selected publications. Individual members shall be entitled to discounts.

Section 8. Individual members and institutional members shall have the privilege of being informed of conferences and the like in ASEAN+THREE countries, and other relevant announcements and information via email.

Section 9. Member institutions shall be acknowledged in Asia-Phil's website, program conferences, and other pertinent written materials, thus, contributing to the institutions' visibility in the academic world.


Article IV: Organization

Section 1. Asia-Phil shall have a board of directors (BOD).

Section 2.  The BOD shall consist of not less than nine and not more than twelve members elected by the general assembly.

Section 3. The first Asia-Phil BOD shall be called the Founding Board of Directors and shall consist of ten representatives, one from each of the mother institutions that paid the membership fee in 2010.

Section 4. The subsequent BOD shall be elected by the general assembly.

Section 5. BOD members shall serve a three-year term. To provide for continuity, not more than six new members shall be elected in 2013 to replace at least three of the nine founding members. In 2016, the founding members who were not replaced in 2013 shall be the ones to be replaced by the newly elected members.  

Section 6. The BOD shall elect a BOD chair, whose term of office shall be three years, without prejudice to reelection.

Section 7. The BOD shall have the following functions:

a.       to articulate and review the vision and mission of the association;

b.      to review, evaluate and approve applications for subsidy and the other programs and projects of the association;

c.       to recommend lines of future direction and action; and

d.      to review and approve applications for membership.

Section 8.  The members of the BOD shall serve without salary or compensation.

Section 9.  The BOD shall conduct meetings at least twice a year. The BOD chair shall schedule all meetings and prepare the agenda.

            Section 10.  The BOD chair is the executive officer of the association and shall be responsible to the BOD on all matters. He/She shall:

a.       implement all the programs and projects of the association;

b.      oversee the financial affairs of the association, including budget planning, fund disbursements, and fund-raising;

c.       prepare regular reports to the BOD on the association's financial status and activities; and

d.      perform other functions that the BOD will assign consistent with the vision/mission of the association.


Article V: Operations

Section 1.  The maintenance of Asia-Phil shall be taken from the individual and institutional membership fees and other funds which may be raised through the association's activities. All the funds of Asia-Phil shall be deposited with the current conduit institution. The conduit institution for 2010 to 2013 is Ateneo de Manila University. Subsequent conduit institutions will be decided by the board of directors.

 Section 2.  Asia-Phil shall conduct activities in relation to its vision/mission as stated in Article II.

Section 3.  Asia-Phil shall have a logo which shall be used on all official documents and communications. No other association or person shall use this logo without the written permission of the BOD through its chair.


Article V: Amendments

Amendments to this By-Laws take effect when approved by a majority vote of the members of the BOD.