Asian Studies Association of the Philippines (Asia-Phil) RESEARCH GRANT

 The Asian Studies Association of the Philippines (Asia-Phil), aiming to contribute to scholarly studies on Asia by Filipinos is offering RESEARCH GRANTS. Please see details below.

Amount of grant: Maximum of 200,000 pesos per year

Who may apply:
1. Full time faculty members of the institutional members of Asia-Phil
2. Individual members with Ph.D.

1.    Properly filled-out application form. (please see below to download the application form)
2.    For faculty members of institutional members of Asia-Phil, letter of recommendation from the immediate superior. The letter should be on the institution's letterhead and signed.
3.    For individual members, letter of recommendation from the former dissertation adviser or from the immediate superior.

Conditions of the grant:
1.   The research should be about Asia or any Asian country, other than the Philippines. Research about the Philippines shall be considered only if the Philippines will be compared with another Asian country, or if it is about the Philippines' relations with an Asian country or an Asian regional organization.
2.   The research should be completed a year or less after the applicant receives the grant.
3.   The finished research should be in publishable form and should be between 6,000 to 10,000 words. The right of first rejection belongs to Asia-Phil.

How to apply: Please send all requirements as email attachments to Letter of recommendation should be scanned and sent either as JPEG or PDF. If you do not get an acknowledgement letter after ten days, please send a letter of inquiry to the same address.