Ateneo Chinese Studies Program Lecture Series no. 3


The Lecture Series is a compilation of work published yearly by the Chinese Studies Program under the School of Social Sciences of the Ateneo de Manila University with the support of the Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies. Interdisciplinary by nature, areas studies in scope, the series welcomes articles in English, Chinese, and Filipino that focus on the following: social, economic, political and cultural fields that highlight special studies engaging China.

Chinese Filipinos


The Ateneo de Manila University Chinese Studies Program in cooperation with Xavier School and the Jesuit Communication Foundation Inc undertook a non-profit project of producing a coffee-table book that depict the unique life of the Chinese Filipinos (HuaFei). The books, with Clinton Palanca and Jonathan Chua as editors, has twelve chapters on significant topics ranging from History, Customs and Tradition, Business, Arts, Literature, Language and Education, Medicine, Food, Chinatown, and Ethnic Chinese Outside Metro Manila; and thirty-seven sidebars.

The book is a readable coffee-table book that attempts to paint a portrait of the Chinese Filipinos as they are today, in terms of their function and status within the larger context of Philippine society as a whole, as well as within themselves in terms of their values, culture, traditions, etc.