2016 Publications

Risk Management and Coping Strategies: Climate Change and Agriculture in the Philippines
Majah-Leah Ravago, James A. Roumasset, Karl Jandoc
Published at the Philippine Review of Economics vol. 53, no. 2

Profile of an Aquaculture-dependent Community in a Tropical Country
Rosalina Palanca-Tan
Published at the Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies vol. 41, no. 3

Intergenerational Games with Dynamic Externalities and Climate Change Experiments
Katerina Sherstyuk, Nori Tarui, Majah-Leah V. Ravago, Tatsuyoshi Saijo
Published at the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists vol. 3, no. 2

Lighting up the last mile: The benefits and costs of extending electricity to the rural poor
Ujjayant Chakravorty, Kyle Emerick, Majah-Leah Ravago
Published as a Discussion Paper at Resources for the Future

Relating Carbon Dioxide Emissions with Macroeconomic Variables in the Philippine Setting
Rosalina Palanca-Tan, Timothy Allen Dy, Angela Tan

Published at Low Carbon Economy vol. 7, no. 1

Estimating Households' Benefits from Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines: A Contingent Valuation Approach
Rosalina Palanca-Tan
Published at the IAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservation vol. 17

Human Security in East and Southeast Asia
Fernando T. Aldaba, Dino Carlo A. Saplala
Published under the Keio Mediacom Working Paper Series, Keio University (Tokyo, Japan)

Political dynasties and poverty: measurement and evidence of linkages in the Philippines
Ronald U. Mendoza, Edsel L. Beja Jr., Victor S. Venida, David B. Yap
Published at Oxford Development Studies vol. 44, no. 2

Measuring economic ill-being using objective and subjective indicators: evidence for the Philippines
Edsel L. Beja Jr.
Published at the International Review of Applied Economics vol.30, no. 2

Overcoming Poverty: Multi-Disciplinary Perspective
Fernando T. Aldaba
Published under C & E Publishing Inc.

The Sustainability of Recent Philippine Economic Growth
Leonardo A. Lanzona Jr.
Published at Southeast Asian Affairs vol. 2016

Ease of Doing Business: International Policy Experience and Evidence
Tristan Canare, Alvin Ang, Ronald U. Mendoza
Published at SSRN

The Impact of Legal Minimum Wages on Employment, Income, and Poverty Incidence in the Philippines
Vicente B. Paqueo, Aniceto C. Orbeta Jr., Leonardo A. Lanzona
Published under the Philippine Institute for Development Studies Discussion Paper Series

The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfer on Savings and Other Associated Variables: Evidence from the Philippines
Tristan A. Canare
Published at the Southeast Asian Journal of Economics vol. 5 no. 1

The Relationship Between IRA and Local Government Expenditures: Evidence from a Cross-Section of Philippine Cities
Tristan A. Canare
Published at the Philippine Political Science Journal vol. 37 no. 1

The Philippines' Readiness to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
Marissa Maricosa A. Paderon
Published at the Makati Business Club Research Report (Special Issue)

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