Undergraduate Majors & Minors


With the increasing demand for competent teachers, many non-education majors consider teaching as an option after graduation. Undergraduates in the University take education units as electives. However, they find that these undergraduate courses are not sufficient credentials to be able to teach in the basic education level and to take the licensure examination for teachers. The Department of Education responds to this need of the students by offering a Minor in Education program.

The Minor in Education aims to introduce non-major students to the profession of education and provide them an opportunity to explore education as a career as well as to expose them to pedagogical knowledge and skills that are essential for effective teaching.

Any student enrolled in an undergraduate program in the Loyola Schools of the Ateneo de Manila may apply for this minor.

The following are the required courses and electives under the program:

REQUIRED SUBJECTS      (12 units)

ED 33        Principles and Methods of Teaching                                                   3 units

ED 134      Educational Psychology                                                                     3 units

ED 135      Classroom Assessment                                                                      3 units

ED 136      Fundamentals of Education                                                                3 units


ELECTIVES     (3 units)                                                                                                                                                             

ED 140.1   Classroom Observation                                                                      3 units

ED 140.2   Practice Teaching                                                                              3 units