An Introduction to Historical Materialist Approaches to European Integration

Thursday, March 09, 2017

EU 20 (Evolution of European Integration) class invites you to a lecture: 
"An Introduction to Historical Materialist Approaches to European Integration"
by Dr. John Kannakulam
    Marburg University

Thursday, 9 March 2017
2:00-3:30 p.m.
SS Conference Rooms 3-4

In this presentation John Kannankulam will give an introduction to the foundations and developments within transnational historical materialist approaches to European Integration. Starting with Robert W. Cox's introduction of Antonio Gramscis theoretical arguments into the field of International Relations, he will show how this line of argumentation has been further developed by Stephen Gill, Patrick Ziltener, Bastian van Apeldoorn and his own work for an critical understanding of the (neoliberal) content of the European Integration process.

Prof. Dr. John Kannankulam is Professor for the Political Economy of Europe and Germany at Marburg University. He joined Marburg Univ. in 2009, having previously worked as researcher in a German Research Council funded project about the “Transnationalisation of the State in the process of the Europeanization of Migration Control Politics” and as a lecturer and researcher at Goethe University, Frankfurt. His research focuses on State Theory, European Integration Theory & Migration Politics and Political Economy. He recently co-edited and published a book on ‘Struggles about European Migration Policies’ and in English the vol. ‘Reading Poulantzas’. He is currently researching the EU’s Migration and Economic Crisis Politics.

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