Margins of the Gold Trade: A Lecture by Migs Canilao

Thursday, August 03, 2017
Leong Hall, Ateneo De Manila University

Based on Michael Armand Canilao’s preliminary dissertation data, the lecture seeks to unravel the mechanisms of the ancient gold trade of Northwestern Luzon (NWL) Island between the 10th to the early 20th c. This flank of Luzon Island is well endowed with gold deposits yet this region acted as a mere trade margin/ periphery to an expansive Indian Ocean- South China Sea gold trade system. The task involves parsing out agentive versus structural adjustments within the gold trade system to see how mining groups negotiated their peripherality or marginality to the gold centers. The lecture will demonstrate the immense utility of WorldView2 ™ imagery (DigitalGlobe Foundation) in remote sensing ancient gold trading trails and settlements in Luzon when analyzed in the context of multidisciplinary lines of evidence from archaeology, ethnohistory, and geography (GIS). Analysis of the articulation of the trail as well as the location of ancient settlements is hypothesized to provide data on power relations between the local players of the gold trade in NWL.