Zialcita, Fernando N.

Full Time

Fernando Nakpil-Zialcita has a M.A. in Philosophy from the Ateneo de Manila University, and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Hawaii. He teaches at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University and heads the Cultural Heritage Studies Program at the same. Though from Manila, much of his field research took place among farming communites in the Ilocos, Northern Luzon. Lately, however, he has shifted his focus to street research because of his interest in urban heritage and regeneration. Indeed he is active in groups advocating the preservation of built heritage. Though interested in the Hispanic World, he has also explored the world of Southeast Asia. He believes that cultural identity can be better understood when examined from various angles. He thus writes on the interface between the Southeast Asian and the Hispanic worlds in domains of Filipino culture such as traditional architecture, cookery and popular Christianity. 

Areas of Specialization: 
Heritage and identity, art and its cultural context; interfaces between the foreign and the indigenous 
Professional Association & Recognition: 
Program Director, Ateneo Social and Cultural Laboratory (ASCL)
Winner, National Book Award (2006), 
Authentic Though Not Exotic: Essays on Filipino 
Courses Taught: 

Undergraduate Courses

SA 107 Contemporary Sociological and Anthropological Thought
SA 114/SA159 Ateneo Cultural Laboratory
SA 199.1 Culture and the Senses
SA 199.12 / Fil 109.2 / 209.2 / Ph 157.8 / 227.9. Sp. Topics: Intangible Heritage, Orality, Memory and Creativity (w/ G. Devilles, L. Garcia)

Graduate Courses

SA 240.18/SA207 Ateneo Cultural Laboratory
SA 240.33. Culture and the Senses
Soc 261 / An 281. History of Sociological and Anthropological Thought
Soc 302. Seminar on Issues in Sociological Theory

University of Hawaii, PhD Anthropology