'MaGAling' GA Strand Day

April 02, 2018
Bea Legaspi; Photos by Rookie Sta Ana, Cathy San Diego, and Kitty San Diego

Photo by Cathy San Diego

“GA really makes you want to go beyond. [...] It means striving to be more maGAling because everyone else is maGAling.” (Ocoma, 2018)

Last January 31, the General Academic Strand celebrated the GA Strand Day, through the collaborative efforts of the Sanggu-SHS ACO GA Strand Council, the GA Strand Coordinator, and the GA students. In a series of diverse (see: exciting) events throughout the span of a half-day, GA students were able to experience activities that made them bond with new ‘KaibiGAn’s, jive to their favorite 'TugstuGAn’s, get a chance to 'isiGAw’ their love for their strand, and have an amazing experience because of the love each person pours out for the red banner — of bravery, of camaraderie, and of going beyond. Jumping off from a theme of a groovy 'maGAling’ day as a throwback to the past hits and to honor the various talents of the strand, each activity had a specific purpose of empowering and uplifting the strand they call home.

Photo by Kitty San Diego

With performances from student-performers in the GA strand consisting of Aubrey Abo-abo, Chap Samson, Emilio Bello, Iolo Braganza, Maxine Sophiya Sandico, Regina Caburnay, Dominic Villa as well as Patricia Almira starting the day in the Second Floor Foyer by serenading students with hits from the yesteryears, students were treated with a blast from the past in their retro red attire to match the mood of the celebration. The KaibiGAn Grade 11 and 12 Interaction held in the GA classrooms, where classes were split into halves and mixed with the other batch, led the events of the day with much needed energy, by having icebreaker activities, reflections, advice pieces from the Grade 12, and team-building for the banner and cheer making competition ('IsiGAw’) later in the day. Class Treasurers and Secretaries handled their respective classes, while Class Presidents and Vice Presidents ushered and prepared the activities for the next program of the day: TugstuGAn!

Photo by Rookie Sta. Ana

As the main event held in the Covered Courts, TugstuGAn paid homage to the performers in the morning and was a student showcase of musical talents and skills as well as prowess in quizzing through the Game Ako! Quiz Bee — a special GA quiz bee not only for the academic capacities of the students, but also for fun facts about songs of the 80’s. As a strand that thrives through growth, the students had fun learning and laughing with each other, reminiscing on classroom memories learning about those concepts. The highest scoring pair of classes, Escribano A/Geronimo B, were awarded.

After, students performed IsiGAw pair-by-pair of each class. Shouting and chanting lively, it was an overall fun affair that left memories stuck on everyone's minds; from inside jokes and funny dances to witty props, the GA students had it all given only a pen and cartolina. The Best Banner awardee was Garnet A/Denn B, while Best Chant was awarded to Gonzaga A/Grodecky B.

After a fun-filled day, students were treated to a surprise performance by IndAK and a same-day edit by the team of Alliah Joy Pages, Anton Solis Benitez, Hazel Lim, Lorenzo Vesagas, Luis Albar, Ruben Ilagan, Vicenzo Miravite, and Xavier Salita, the same team who made the reflection videos for KaibiGAn festivities. Making memories inter-batch and strengthening the GA identity, it is quite certain that January 31 is a day to live in the strand’s memory for years to come.