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The Climate Change and Disaster Risk Program Aims
The Climate Change and Disaster Risk Program Aims: 2
Climate Change and Disaster Research in the Ateneo

The platform of the Ateneo de Manila University is to build and generate knowledge on climate change and disaster risk through collaborative, multidisciplinary research.

We coordinate (with) and support efforts toward the goal of the University to reduce disaster risk due to climate and other geo hazards under the strategic thrust on Environment and Development.

Current significant University initiatives include the CHED-supported multi-disciplinary risk research program of the Loyola Schools on a holistic approach on disaster risk analysis for sustainable development and the School of Science and Engineering hazard and risk analysis and innovative  technology development for disaster preparedness, response, and management.

We also work closely with the Manila Observatory, which has done pioneering studies on atmospheric sciences (especially climate and weather), and geo-hazards.
The program creates opportunities for the research outputs of the University to feed into policy, design of systems, and communication strategies, which are vital for managing both short and long-term disaster prevention, preparation, and response.


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