AJHS names new Head for Students Affairs and Formation

June 18, 2014
Paeng Evangelista

Riemann Galliguez finds simple joys in teaching.

“I get satisfaction from a student coming up to you, saying ‘Mr. Galliguez, thanks for taking the time and effort to teach me even I still end up not liking sports.”

It’s the simple things that draw him like young students calling him amazing for a simple football kick or just by engaging students in shooting contests during PE class.

Now named as the new Ateneo Junior High School Head for Student Affairs and Formation, Galliguez never knew that he would go beyond teaching- a surprise twist he never expected.

Although hesitant at first to accept the position, he eventually agreed because of the great guidance provided by his mentors Mrs. Carmela Oracion, Officer-in-charge for Junior High School, and Mr. Jonny Salvador, former AJHS Head for Student Affairs and Formation and now the Ateneo Grade School Headmaster.

Galliguez started as a classroom teacher in 2000, teaching the subjects PE, Science and Filipino. He eventually became the PE Coordinator from 2006 to 2009 then returned to teaching.

This year is the 2nd year of the three-year transition period of the Junior High School. According to Galliguez, the focus is on helping with the process of transitioning to a 4-year Junior High School in any way possible.

“We are continuously looking at what the best practices are for the AGS and the AHS and trying to come up with the best possible model for our students. This is being done through regular consultations with the coordinators of the AGs and AHS so that everyone is a stakeholder,” Galliguez said.

With this new journey, Galliguez is confident of the direction AJHS is taking because of their excellent faculty line-up and leadership especially from Mrs. Oracion, the Academic Head Mrs. Arespacochaga, the GLC’s of Grade 7 and 8 Mrs. Santos and Mrs Castaneda, and the Subject area and Service unit coordinators.

“We start another school year, let’s make everybody better, let’s make everybody a fully-formed person in the mold of what we always espouse our students – that we want them to be persons for others,” Galliguez said.