All in a Year's Work for the Sitio Ruby Kids

February 19, 2014

The year came to a fitting close for the Junior HIgh School students and the preschool kids of Sitio Ruby. A long time partner of the Ateneo, the Sitio Ruby residents have seen how, through the years, their community evolved from its humble beginnings when the graduating students from Ateneo Grade School would assist in the  house build effort under the auspices of Gawad Kalinga . When the concrete structures were completed some years ago, the Ateneo continued to forge its partnership with the community, this time shifting its efforts on capacity building- this paved the way for the school readiness program.

The school readiness program entails the participation of the grade 8 students who visit the site on weekends to teach select pre school students from Sitio Ruby, the rudiments of Math and Reading.  The challenge of trying to play the role of teacher to an otherwise rambunctious group of 5 and 6 year olds is always a common theme in the post experience reflections of the students. Many of which come to realize that teaching is indeed a tiring profession. But far more than this realization, the most valuable fruit that is reaped from their engagement with the Sitio Ruby  is the thought that these kids will eventually be more prepared as they begin their formal education.

The graduation ceremony was a sight of meaningful simplicity, with the hardoworking Class Parent Representatives playing the role of unsung hero-- making sure that all of the preparations were well taken care of. As the kids and their parents were called on stage to receive their diplomas, a little photo op ensued. 

Prior to this the kids were entertained  by select grade 8 students performing dances and serenading them with songs such as the rendition of Jason Mraz song by three grade 8 students.