Father Tony Moreno Reads his Wishlist for Basic Education

October 03, 2013

At the annual Jesuit Basic Education Commision conference, Jesuit Provincial Father Tony Moreno,  was the keynote speaker on the last day of the 2 -day confenrence held at Ateneo de Cebu. As partners in the mission of forming our students, we wish to share with you excerpts from the Philippine Provincial's Address where he spoke of what he calls his wishlist for the Ateneo Basic Education Institutions in the Philippines. The wish list of 7  engages the basic education sectors in a particular way as he believes that basic education assumes a special role in sowing the seeds of enlightenment on many aspects of these thrusts such as care for the environment or vocation promotions.

Fr Tony's WishList :

1. Participate in the celebration of the bicentennial jubilee ( 1814-2014 ) of the restoration of the society. Three themes of the celebration are gratitude, renewal, mission (past,present,future).
2.  Continue to promote Ignatian Spirituality ( especially with parents and guardians in the context of some emerging realities ) . Give more accent to depth and creativity.

3. Capacitate further our lay people for key leadership positions by promoting a culture of leadership .
4. Engage the educational reform of government because now is the time of reform and leadership.

5. Connect with the broader mission narrative and do not just confine ourselves with the educational apostolate. What are these mission goals?

a. Encourage Ignatian spirituality.
b. Help the local church.
c. Engage the Asia Pacific assistance.
d. Address poverty and inequality especially in Mindanao.
e. Care for the environment.

6.Partner with the different ministry clusters of the Philippine Province ( i.e.. JBEC, ERDA Tech, PGH, PGAPS, ) in view of responding to the peripheries.

7. Promote good Jesuit vocation. In basic ed, you nurture the seed of vocation.