AJHS launches 4 systems to intensify student care & formation

September 02, 2016
Ron Capinding

The Ateneo Junior High School recently launched four (4) systems meant to further intensify the care and formation the school bestows upon its students. These new Support Systems for Formation are CSi Session, Ment-to-B, CLAP, and Kapisanan.

1. The CSi (Cluster Situationer) Session aims to:
     a) present to students the current state of the cluster in different areas (i.e. discipline, awards) for them
              to understand the context of their cluster 
     b) present to students possible ways to improve the cluster 
     c) empower potential leaders who wish to help the cluster
     d) remind students of their goal – to be servant-leaders, men of the 5Cs, men-for-others.

2. Ment-to-B (Mentors to Boys) Program aims for each student to have and know another mentor in school (besides his teachers, class moderator and counselor) who he can turn to when he needs something. The Ment-to-B is a teacher who is new to the boys and who invitingly presents himself/herself as another available “moderator” for the whole school year to a group of only 10-15 students.

3. CLAP (Cluster Advancement Program), an activity or project (team-building, recreational, cultural, spiritual, athletic, etc.) designed by the coordinator, faculty members and/or student leaders of the cluster, aims to promote, rejuvenate, improve and/or fortify the cluster

4. The Kapisanan Set-up, where every student is partnered and made to interact with a student of another grade level (Grade 7 is partnered with Grade 9, and Grade 8 with Grade 10) within the cluster, aims to: 

a) provide each student at least one new buddy in the cluster who he can turn to and/or watch over
b) create linkages across grade levels in the Ateneo Junior High School 
c) prevent indifference and bullying among AJHS students

Cluster Situationer (CSi) at the St. Kostka Chapel


Ment-to-B (Mentors to Boys)

CLAP (Cluster Advancement Program)