AJHS' new org Ateneo Dance District wins 1st prize in Footloose!

January 28, 2014
Paul Daza; Photo courtesy of Ingrid Palisoc Agravante

Ateneo Dance District (ADD), the spanking new dance organization of the Ateneo Junior High School, won its first competition on the night of Friday, January 24. Beating dance crews older than they were from the Ateneo High School, ADD took first prize at Footloose, the dance craze competition of Ignation, the 18th Ateneo de Manila High School fair. Thanks to their energetic, crowd-pleasing piece, the members of ADD took home not just bragging rights but P30,000 in prizes as well. As announced during the competition, the winners were determined not only by the contest’s two judges, but by the members of the audience as well, each of whom paid P10 for every vote they cast for their favorite group. All told, eight dance crews competed in Footloose.
Finishing on top of Footloose were the following members of ADD: Matthew Christian V. Pile (8-Bellarmine), Arvin Martin I. Santos (8-Bellarmine), Joaquin Antonio R. Nacino (8-Berchmans), Jose Alejandro P. Agravante (8-Brebeuf), Dominic Xavier L. Villa (7-Burgos), Carlo Miguel G. Aquino (8-Gonzaga), Miguel Jay A. Dimaiwat (8-Gonzaga), Martin Javier L. Garcia (8-Pignatelli), Antonio Leon B. Martinez (8-Pignatelli), Emmanuel Javier S. Mariazeta (8-Regis), and Luis Gabriel U. Montenegro (8-Regis).
To prepare for Footloose, the boys practiced three hours every day for several weeks under the guidance of their coach and moderator, Danni Cornejo.  Ateneo Dance District was established as an AJHS org in June 2013.