The Arthrobs Did it Again. This Time in Michelangelo Style

February 28, 2014

It's hard enough to imagine how much time and effort the great masters like Rembrandt put into their masterpieces.

But not content with surrending to that realization, the Arthrobs indulged in what Emotional Intelligence proponents call " an exercise in empathy ".  The young and bold members of the AJHS art club transported themselves to the renaissance period to try their skills at painting the way Michelangelo would when he was commissioned to paint the ceiling of the iconic Sistine Chapel.

To prepare themselves for this out -of- the- box experience, their maverick moderator Ms Beng Limpin challeged them to do some research on how the Chapel painting was executed.  To her, the activity itself was less daunting then the idea of having to ask permission from the school authorities to "tamper" with school property. It would have been a bonus if the club was awarded the use of some defunct classroom , but the possibility of that happening seemd more unimaginable than the ambitious idea of being Michelangelo for a day .

The club ended up putting craft paper under the tables of the artroom and in groups they would have to set up their "canvasses" and render a painting upside down.   Although, the results may not earn them the same prestige as the great masters, the attempt alone was worth a masterpiece of experience that no art auction could buy and sell.