Artworks of 5 AJHS boys included in virtual global art exhibition

November 11, 2021

The artworks of Ateneo de Manila Junior High School students Darryl Ang (Montserrat/7-Grimaltos), Isaac Aragon (Montserrat/7-Goto), Lorenzo Defensor (Montserrat/7-Harcourt), Jacob Mariano (La Storta/7-Colombiere), and Kram Montemayor (La Storta/7-Corby) are included in the virtual global art exhibition entitled, “The World That Christ Desires” on the Educate Magis website. Educate Magis is the vibrant online community which connects educators from Jesuit schools worldwide.
Here are their artworks along with brief explanations about what each work is about:

Darryl Ang's artwork

Isaac Aragon's artwork

Lorenzo Defensor’s artwork

Jacob Mariano’s artwork

Kram Montemayor’s artwork

To see the Educate Magis virtual global art exhibition, please click this link: