Entertainment and sentiment at ‘Perficio’

April 08, 2019
Eric Tomas & Paul Daza

Last March 23, 2019, the AJHS Grade 10 batch gathered for Perficio, the batch 2019 Legacy Night. , their final social event for junior high. Dressed to the nines, the students, together with their teachers and guests, enjoyed a night of entertainment and sentiment. The entertainment came courtesy of performances by Doubtful Figure, Sunday Stallone, IndAK, What The Fleeks, Kuya Jeff, OD, Santeria, Dulaang Sibol, Right This Moment, Timmy Albert, and Mikey Pile. The sentiment was provided by videos that showcased memorable events during the batch's stay at AJHS. All in all, the final social event of AJHS Batch 2019 was a fitting close to an exciting and fun-filled school year.

The event wouldn't have been complete without the batch's fair share of awardees, and they are:

The Concarnatio Awards given to students from the 15 sections of Grade 10 who most embody the 5 C’s and the values of Saint Ignatius  

Berthieu: Michael Conchada
Briant:  Miguel Nicholas 
Canisius:  Rainier Tayag
Chabanel: Nino Tomas  
Ferreres: Miguel Tamase 
Garate: Inigo Suarez  
Garnier: Ethan Sabacan 
Gelabert: Paolo Lanzona   
Mangin: Isaiah Layug  
Maunoir: Pio Ramirez  
Morse: Oliverwendell Amazona  4304
Pacheco: Mark Conchada 
Whitbread: Pepi Panaguiton 
Yuki: Miguel Salvador 
Zuraire: Inigo Olalia 

Inigo Suarez and Paolo Lanzona Nino Tomas and Michael Conchada
Mark Conchada and Pio Ramirez
Isaiah Layug

(L-R) Miguel Salvador, Iñigo Olalia, Pepi Panaguiton Miguel Nicholas

Best Dressed

Male Student: Gabby Lacson  
Female: Max Arboleda  
Male Faculty: Aljohn Flores  
Female Faculty: Aly Bonifacio  
Aljohn Flores and Aly Bonifacio Gabby Lacson

Stag of the Night: Vito Bakunawa (10-Morse)
Couple of the Night: Paolo Medina & Therese Jarcia

Paolo Medina & Therese Jarcia
The Perficio awards for the 5C’s  

Perficio Idoneus (Man of Competence): Joao Solis
Perficio Dedicatio (Man of Commitment): Frodo Uranza
Perficio Misericordia (Man of Compassion): Diego Rojo
Perficio Conscientia (Man of Conscience): MJ Amante
Perficio Fidelium (Man of Christ-Centeredness): Ivan Barrantes
 Vito Bakunawa

(L-R) Joao Solis, Frodo Uranza, Diego Rojo, MJ Amante, and Ivan Barrantes