Grade 8 boys move into AJHS Grade 8 Annex

September 11, 2015
Paul Daza

Grade 8 students of the Ateneo Junior High School (AJHS) moved into the brand new Grade 8 Annex at around 1:00 pm on Wednesday, September 9. The Annex- whose classrooms are pre-fabricated, modular and airconditioned- had been under construction since the last week of June in the field in front of the Ateneo High School’s Instructional Technology Center (ITC).  

Informal interviews conducted with some of the students (as seen in the video above) indicate that most of the boys are happy with their new classrooms, citing the airconditioning as their best feature.

The AJHS was forced to evacuate David Hall- their home in the Ateneo Grade School complex- late in May 2015 due to the building’s proximity to the West Valley Fault, and had been having their classes in the Loyola Schools’ Bellarmine Hall since June 16. Grade 7 students had morning classes while the Grade 8 boys had their classes in the afternoon.

With the opening of the Grade 8 Annex, the AJHS students’ class schedules will return to their normal “whole day” format. Grade 7 students will remain at Bellarmine Hall.